Ireland’s Brightest Ideas 2017

Well done to Clogh/Moneenroe Community Playground – Ireland’s Brightest Idea 2017!

Following a national public vote on Facebook and Twitter, Clogh/Moneenroe Community Playground has been chosen as Ireland’s Brightest Idea for 2017, receiving an additional €5,000 funding.

KBC is delighted to support this initiative which has a clear vision to make a positive impact on the community.

Clogh/Moneenroe Community Playground is an exciting new project for the young and young at heart in our community.

It aims to encourage community interaction, promote health and wellbeing and most of all to create a readily accessible outdoor space where we can all have fun.

The Community Playground will be co-located within the existing Community Field and Walking Track in Chatsworth, Clogh. Thus providing an accessible recreational space for all our community.

Families with children of varying ages will particularly benefit as they will be able to access ‘field sports, walking / running and play ‘all at one location.

Bright Ideas funding will enable the Clogh/Moneenroe Community Playground to add a wheelchair roundabout and help funding of the walking track, enabling them to turn their focus to the provision of a playground.


Dodder Action project wins Special Green Award 2017

The winner of the Special Green Award is Dodder Action from Co. Dublin, receiving an additional €2,500 funding.

The winner of this award was chosen by a KBC judging panel from seven ideas shortlisted by our regional judging panels around the country. KBC is delighted to fund this innovative project which brings communities together in an environmentally friendly way.

Dodder Action is a voluntary group dedicated to cleaning the river and improving it as an amenity and include a number of guided walks along the river focusing on nature, history and heritage.

Dodder Action

The group will increase awareness and knowledge of the diversity of the river on an ecological and social level and make it an educational as well as a recreational tool.