This is Vanessa Gilbey’s bright idea for Waterford.

Young persons radio show educating the community on the importance of environmental awareness.


The impact of pollution on the environment and most specifically on coastal areas cannot be underestimated.

We are providing some onsite training for young people, educating and enabling them to produce and present their own radio show. Leading on from this we would like the young people to produce a series of three short radio programmes the first and second on the causes and impact on the coastal environment from pollution.

Utilising community radio we can give them the tools to speak out and also to educate the greater community. We would hope to empower the young people, and give them confidence.

The third on the solutions. Encouraging the community through the voices of young people to think about the results of all of our actions on the environment and how best we all can change. In training young people we hope to inspire them both to think and also to act.