This is Waterford Wall’s bright idea for Waterford.

Waterford Walls uses street art on forgotten and unloved building to brighten & exhilarate our city!


Waterford Walls uses street art on forgotten and unloved building to brighten & exhilarate our city!


Waterford Walls is an innovative and colourful project that shines a light on forgotten areas of Waterford City and county. We bring internationally acclaimed Street Artists into Waterford and give them access to building that are unloved, forgotten or totally derelict.

Using one of the most colourful and vibrant forms of art that exists, we invigorate these corners of Waterford and show something that we always knew we had – a beautiful city, a welcoming people and a city that is much more than the sum of it’s parts.


Our community benefits from Waterford Walls because we turn this city into an open air gallery, we bring innovation and creativity to spaces that have up until now been considered problems, and these huge pieces of art bring enhanced enjoyment of Waterford City to it’s citizens every single day, according to a survey we carried out following the 2015 Waterford Walls festival.

By increasing the cultural and artistic clout of Waterford City by holding Ireland’s only street art festival here, we are also increasing Waterford’s attractiveness to the IDA and to FDI companies looking for somewhere exceptional for their employees to live.

Waterford Walls is run on people power.


We have a strong and dedicated team of women working to invigorate Waterford City and to bring beauty and art to every citizen of the city and every visitor to the city.

We are proud of our city and we know others are two – that is why we have taken on the task of shining a light on every corner of Waterford to remind people that we live in the oldest city in Ireland, where the inhabitants are modern, innovative and deeply connected with the place we call home.

Our street art sits beside the ancient city walls and together they represent the unique nature of Waterford – we are a city that supports the arts, with a deep cultural heritage and with passion for life.


We have also been recognised for the economic impact of our festival, both in the short term and the long term.

While our festival boosts the local economy while it is happening, due to increased footfall in the city centre, we are making our town more attractive for FDI, we are showing that Waterford is thriving and cultural and a great place to live.


We play our role in demonstrating that a company that moves to Waterford will be well serviced and their staff will be happy here.