This is Darryl Barry ‘s bright idea for Waterford.

Weekend Suicide prevention patrols along the quay side and bridge of the river Suir in Waterford.


A team of 50 volunteers, Patrol the quayside and bridge Waterford every weekend.

It Involves a foot patrol, mobile unit, and a boat patrol from 22.30 to 03.00. Ensuring vulnerable people have support, assistance, whether that is safety or just a person to talk to if they are thinking of ending their life by suicide.

The foot patrol members are fully trained in cardiac first responder first aid and the majority of the volunteers have a cert in safe talk and ASSIT. Our boat crew are highly trained in rescue and recovery situations.

We at Waterford Marine Search and Rescue have currently saved 101 people from acting upon their intentions of entering the River Suir, if there care needs are beyond our expertise we refer the individual to the relevant supports that can assist and help them to understand and find the coping mechanisms to deal with this all too often temporary issue within their lives.

Waterford Marine Search and Rescue currently have 50 Volunteers that cover river and lake Rescues, Recovery, Suicide presentation patrols, and land searches for missing individuals.

Our plan is to increase the number of members that attend each suicide prevention patrol from 8 per patrol to 12. This will increase the number of eyes on the quayside and bridge and highlight our presence in the areas at weekend.

By increasing the volume of people on patrol this will free other members to deal with any suspected individual that maybe be prone to entering the water.

Waterford is currently known as the forgotten city, due to lack of gainful employment, housing and investment in the area since the recession hit in 2008/2009.

There are currently people from all walks of life that are under severe pressures to survive in the necessities of everyday life. Some people have the coping skills to resolve their problems and issues.

However the section Waterford Marine Search and Rescue suicide prevention patrols deal with on a regular basis is a broad section of society who feel and find that there is no way out of there issue but to try end their life by suicide.

Once WMSAR get involved, we initially stop the person from ending their life and help the individual to get their issues out in the open and discuss positives options with them.

To see someone who was distressed walk back to their family with a sense of hope and a sense of tomorrow is the greatest sense of achievement and self-worth that you will ever feel in your life.