This is Conor Ryan’s bright idea for Waterford.

Delivering Creative Dance Classes to people with special needs in Waterford & South Kilkenny.


TRACES Dance Programme runs weekly dance workshops and several performance events for its young/adult members (15yrs to 30yrs approx.) offering an enhanced experience for its members to participate in a Contemporary Dance Company.

Its members have an opportunity to work with best practice in interpretative & community dance models. TRACES offers a unique and open contemporary dance class for young people with Down Syndrome and other learning disabilities in Waterford. 

Every performance is uplifting and in this world we need all the emotional intelligence which is conveyed in such a raw, truthful and honest medium by our special dancers, as they themselves see the world and by dancing their message is communicated to and witnessed by the audience.

The programme runs Junior & Senior workshop experiences on a weekly basis for 30 weeks of the year which we would like to seek funding for.

Any public performance by TRACES demonstrates to the wider community just how talented, creative and inspirational our young dancers truly are.