This is Tony Bedford’s bright idea for Limerick.

Project sees old phone boxes being brought back into the community as a housing public defibrilator.


Public access defibrillators are becoming more and more important as we know that early intervention can significantly help a person’s chance of survival should they suffer cardiac arrest out of hospital.

With this in mind we wish to install an old Irish phone box which all the community can access via a code which they will get from 999.

We have committed to training the community in the use of a defibrillator and also creating community awareness of the program. These funds are vital to the community so we can assist those who may need our help someday.

This project that sees old Irish Phone boxes being brought back into the community housing AEDs. Part of our history has had the old telephone box on the street which was iconic in all towns and cities around Ireland.

We plan on purchasing and retrofitting the old style public phone box and fit it out with a public access defibrillator.