This is Theresa Shanahan’s bright idea for Limerick.

Make Northside FRC an eco-friendly space through education and recycling, composting & solar panels


Make Northside FRC an eco-friendly space through education and recycling, composting & solar panels.

Northside Family Resource Centre is located in the heart of Ballynanty and caters for the Northside of Limerick City including Moyross and Thomondgate. The Centre has a clear commitment to discovering our community’s capacities and assets while allowing for flexibility to respond to the needs when they emerge.

It has a staff of 64people, 100 volunteers, 200 children in the creche, 40 children in afterschool club and 80 young people in youth services, 75 older people receive a hot meal each day each day.

In addition there is a family support service, older people’s support service, adult and child counselling service, community development and adult education section with several community groups a community garden.

These services have a huge positive impact on the community and on the personal development of local people but the environmental impact needs to be lessened.

Northside FRC needs to focus on making the building an eco-friendly space as well as a welcoming space for the community.

With the KBC Bright Ideas grant 4 concrete actions will be rolled out in 2016 to make the building, community garden & local community greener including: energy, gardens, kitchen & offices.

Northside Family Resource Centre will:

  • Make Northside FRC Community Garden Greener: Set up a compost area in the community garden and provide ‘how to’ workshops for locals. materials &facilitation costs.
  • Make Northside FRC Kitchens greener: Separate the bins in the staff kitchen, creche kitchen and meals on wheels kitchen and provide education workshop to staff.
  • Make Northside FRC offices greener: Separate out paper recycling in 5 offices and in photocopying area

Leading by good example is part of this ‘ Northside Family Resource Centre goes Green! Project’. In order for the local community to become aware and be able to make small achievable changes at home, the FRC staff and building should lead by example and make visible changes to the waste and energy management within the building.

Through educational workshops for staff and service users, within the local community garden for local residents the changes will have a wider impact than just the environmental impact of the Northside FRC building.

These achievable actions will be rolled out in 2016. The impact will be measureable by reduction in the FRC’s energy and waste bills, attendance at the educational workshops and visibly witnessing the difference in our buildings spaces: kitchen and waste separation areas, homemade composting area in the local community garden. Northside Family Resource Centre want to become a greener space.