This is Music Generation bright idea for Limerick.

A mobile music unit that provides a shared creative space for young people across Limerick.


Limerick has a number of large estates in which young people are economically marginalised and socially demonised.

In addition they are cut off, both from the wider community and from each-other, for reasons of geography, access and social history.

A binding factor these young people have in common is a strong connection to music – in particular hip-hop and Limerick’s vibrant MC culture. MGLC works in this space and uses music as an engagement tool.

We have made significant, life-changing breakthroughs on individual levels, allowing young people to express themselves, tap their creativity and work towards realising their potential. However bringing the young people from the different estates is a challenge. 

Music Generation’s solution is to create a mobile workshop, recording and performance space that can travel in and amongst the different areas. As the young people identify with the space as ‘theirs’ it will allow us to bring them together in a shared environment and build strong musical and social bonds.