This is Maria Cagney’s bright idea for Limerick.

Intergenerational social media skills and knowledge exchange at The Hunt Museum.


The Hunt Museum is lucky to have a wonderful team of  dedicated Volunteers however because they are older their digital literacy is very low or non existent, however, their unlimited knowledge of our collections is astounding.

This project will bring them together with local Transition Year students who will teach them social media skills. They will then collaborate to apply these skills to the museums medieval collections to produce digital stories that will be used as simple online learning resources.

Prior to and during the creation of these stories our Docents will share their knowledge of these collections revealing to the students what life was like in the past.

Project participants will build important intergenerational relationships, the teens will become active stakeholders in and contributors to life at the museum.

Our Docents volunteers will be able to apply their newly established social media skills to communicating with their family and friends, and on-line visitors to the museum.

Indeed they will also harness these skills so that digital media becomes an essential element for pupils learning during the schools programming they deliver at the museum.