This is The Grow Project’s bright idea for Limerick.

The Growing Project aims to create a beautiful, healthy space that brings all generations together.


The Growing Project aims to create a beautiful, healthy space that brings all generations together.

Within the Growing Project we are looking to set up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm to provide the local people with high quality organically grown vegetables. A CSA is an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. Local members of the community pledge to support our farm, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

It will be amongst one of the first CSA farms in Ireland and a place that we hope to bring the local people together to create a sense of community.

We also hope to help people to learn how to grow organically and eat seasonally by running workshops on growing food organically, cooking and eating seasonally and practising sustainable land care practices.

We are going to be building an under ground glasshouse. This is a glass house sunken into the ground so that it is heated geo thermally and by the heat of the sun. This is essential if we are to grow all different types of crop all year round without using electricity.


We have already built a small one in the Moy Hill Community Garden and it has been brilliant for growing in as it never gets a frost. The money will be spent on hiring a digger, timber and fixings. We already have already salvaged enough windows for it and have plenty of man power.

There are said to be only 60 harvests left on this earth and if we continue to farm and consume food the way we are then ourselves and our children face a bleak future.

We need to change the way we grow food and we need to do this together as a community supporting one another through the good times and the bad.


By helping us set up one of the first CSA farms in Ireland, you will not only be helping us to feed a whole community with locally grown, fresh, organic food but you will also be helping to teach local people on sustainable ways of growing food, eating locally and seasonally and how to look after our precious planet. Help us to become a catalyst for change and a model for others to follow.