This is Eugene Stephens’s bright idea for Limerick.

Empowering prisoners to create products and we in turn can help their children & families.


The prisoners make products such as Quilts, Crafts and Furry toys and supply them to us. We then raffle/sell these and use the revenue to help fund our children’s group. 

Children of prisoners usually have feelings of guilt and shame and experience been stigmatized by society. Our children’s activities are based on building a non-judgmental supportive relationship helping children understand they “are good enough”.

We help them build self-awareness, resilience and their abilities and potential are recognised.

We are committed to working with our youth group in a creative, inclusive and boundaries manner.

In conjunction with the education department within Limerick Prison we would encourage prisoners to make products that we could then sell to the public. The revenue gained from this would help fund the prisoners children’s group. Our goal is to have product for sale at Christmas, Easter, Spring-time.

Another goal is to help built/enhance a bridge between the prisoner and their children with a view of them participating positively in their upbringing affording them an opportunity to do something positive for their children and their lives. This will be delivered with heart and enthusiasm.

Our project is unique in Limerick city as we work with families impacted by imprisonment. Research has shown that prisoners who maintain a relationship with their families whist serving a sentence are 63% less likely to re offend on release. We wish to encourage children of prisoners not to follow their parents path to prison.

By listening and giving these young people a voice we hope to enhance their emotional well-being and gain insight into the social issues that impact on them daily.

By supporting them to take responsibility and lifting their self-esteem we envisage they would understand the difference between responsibilities and blame and appreciate the role they have to play in finding a solution to their personal issues.

Our strengths lie in the fact we work with our clients in a fun and creative manner. We are solution focused and therefore are more interested in what our groups do well instead of finding fault. Praise and empathy are some of our building blocks.

In a spirit of openness, hospitality and respect we welcome all who come to us and value them as shapers with us of our vision.