This is Deirdre MacMahon’s bright idea for Limerick.

Organic locally grown food and education to area of social deprivation as a co-operative model.


Through the co-operative model provide a grocery service focusing on organic and locally grown food to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community.

Volunteers enlisted to help develop the concept. The stress free shopping model works for parents of special needs children while continuing to provide an education tool on enhancing health outcomes.

Ongoing education and mentoring is easily provided in this environment. The Urban Co-op is a unique initiative that is going from strength to strength in the Community.

We are delivering the shop model as it is with ongoing development each week, a dedicated board and volunteers.  We have the clear aim to develop the membership and sales in the future and are gaining traction re local community input.

We want to develop the education aspect further by providing a space to hold informal talks, exercise etc. in the form of a garden pod placed in our outside area.