This is Daniel Hickey’s bright idea for Limerick.

MyEc contributes to society by reducing the amount of plastic waste generated in cinemas

None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)A scientist and a designer driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the environment.We aim to enhance the cinema experience for both consumers and employees, while simultaneously reducing the waste output.
Firstly, small-format packaging items like straws and lids make up 10% of all plastic packaging, but they are the hardest to recycle. Their design makes them prone to escape collection systems and end up in the environment, causing widespread damage across the globe, particularly to our oceans.
These disposable products are useful when on-the-go, but it does not make sense to use them in a static environment such as the cinema.
Secondly, more than 50% of us in Ireland are confused about the recyclability of our waste, leading to high levels of waste cross contamination.
This should not be the case for cinemas, as there are very few variables in terms of the waste stream, i.e. popcorn, drinks, and sweets.
How do we plan to alleviate this?
1. Implement biodegradable alternatives for straws, popcorn boxes, and sweet containers.
2. Develop a framework for the provision of reusable cups.
3. Examine the potential uses of digital receipts, ordering, etc.MyEc contributes to society by reducing the amount of plastic waste generated in cinemas. Achieving this will contribute to cleaner oceans and help to reduce our dependency on landfills.
M3: Grassroots study based on material and feasibility testing.
M6: Completed a number of successive Beta tests, and business model refinement.
M9: Pilot study and onboarding suitable suppliers.
M12: Established in at least one Odeon cinema in Limerick.1. We aim to make a positive contribution to society.
2. We have the motivation and work ethic required to achieve our goals, and we also believe we have the ideal skillset for this concept. Daniel is finishing his MSc by Research in Analytical Chemistry and works for a biotech & sustainability startup, while Michael is completing his Masters in New Product Development Engineering.
3. Our idea will start small and local, but also has the potential for rapid scaling and branching into different industries with similar characteristics (airlines, fast food chains, home events, etc.)When it comes to helping the environment, we must start now, and this award would help to accelerate our growth. The funding will primarily be used to undertake pilot studies within real-life cinemas, which will allow us to begin building a brand that is synonymous with trust and positive user experience. Once established in local cinemas, focus can then be directed to the scaling-up of the business.MyEcDanielHickey0GreenaneCaherconlish10danh4815@yahoo.com0862233131We are actively working with our local Odeon cinema to develop a system that enhances the cinema experience for both the customers and the employees, while also reducing the waste output. We are conducting tests on various material alternatives, both in the lab and with customers (paper straws, edible popcorn bags, etc.). We are developing and testing various use cases for reusable cups and food containers, and are trialling different methods of ensuring easy and effective waste disposal. All these test results are helping to inform novel product designs/systems that will form our USP.Daniel: MSc. by Research in Analytical Chemistry in UL. Ongoing management experience as a lead analyst in a successful biotech & sustainability startup.
Michael: MEng. in New Product Development in UL. Former lead designer for a sustainable materials startup.
Advisory Board:
Sean Curtin – Supervisor in Odeon cinema, Castletroy
Dan Hayes, PhD. – CEO of Celignis Limited, a biotech & sustainability startup
Fergal O’Farrell, MSc. – 20 years’ experience working in various international business roles
Con Sheahan, PhD. – Logistics & Supply Chains
Prof. J.J. Leahy – Biofuels & Nutrient Recycling111