This is Caron Tierney’s bright idea for Limerick.

We have set up a Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon boat club for Limerick City called Limerick Dragons.


Our breast cancer survivors dragon boat club will:

  • Help us get healthy and give hope and support by changing attitudes toward Life after “Breast Cancer”.
  • By encouraging women to lead full and active lives after Breast Cancer we help to prevent recurrence of cancer by up to 40%.
  • By being on the water Dragon boating and being with others who have been through similar trauma and treatments we support each other which has great benefits both mentally and physically.
  • Dragon boating is a very physical activity and you train on water during the good weather March to October. For the winter months we will be training indoors and also walking and Nordic walking.


Our group is dedicated. We are driving to Clonmel from Limerick weekly to train and to Dublin, Waterford , Cork And Donegal on a regular basis. We would be able to do a lot more training and include a lot more people to our group if we had our boat in Limerick.

This will be an amazing very visible project for Limerick City

We are set up and run by Breast Cancer Survivors and are inclusive as we want family and friends to avail of this support system. To date we have over 60 people attending our workshops and training sessions and all have reported the difference in their quality of life both mentally and physically since we started.