This is Simon Bourke’s bright idea for Kilkenny.

To give a bright new makeover to local landmark in celebration of 250 years.


A bright new makeover to celebrate a significant milestone.

The beautiful Green’s Bridge, Kilkenny’s most important Palladian building, marks its 250th birthday this year. We intend to revitalise the area for local residents and visitors by a) cleaning the graffiti from a neglected nearby handball alley and b) decorating the side of the alley facing the river with a large, colourful mural to celebrate this significant anniversary.

This is a back-to-back double alley and its side wall is the perfect shape to accommodate a representation of the bridge itself. The mural, commissioned from a leading artist, will encapsulate something of the history of the bridge and of the city; and suggest the bridge’s role in facilitating communication and uniting communities.

Above all, it will be bright, colourful, inspiring and optimistic.

The Greensbridge250 mural will leave a permanent memorial to this hugely significant event in Kilkenny city’s history and will simultaneously refresh and rejuvenate one of the most important vistas in the city centre, while helping to inculcate in the next generation an appreciation of heritage and history.