This is Seamus Nugent’s bright idea for Kilkenny.

To provide an inter-generational cycling experience for those in our community who are less mobile.


Our Bright Idea will bring the worldwide phenomenon of Cycling Without Age to Kilkenny.

Kilkenny would be the second venue in Ireland to experience this and the first outside of Dublin.

Cycling Without Age is an amazing experience which provides an opportunity for older adults who have lost independence to experience wind in their hair through the medium of cycling.

In the specially designed bike which is extremely comfortable and safe, they will be piloted to areas in which they have lived, loved, grown up and worked, prior to becoming less independent.

This inclusive Bright Idea will bring joy to the elderly through personnel interaction with their pilot on trips. The passengers will return from their trip with wind in their hair, rosy cheeks and will be full of smiles and stories.

Cycling Without Age is an inspirational project that every community deserves to have. It will allow older adults take part in charity cycles, take trips to sporting venues to view their favourite teams in action, visit family friends.

This project will make cycling accessible (albeit as a passenger!) once again and evoke happy memories for the elderly.