This is Orla Maher’s bright idea for Kilkenny.

Kitting out our community with potentially life saving defibrillator machines.


Equipping the community with defibrillator machines to deal with sudden deaths.

Some years ago the community was shocked by a sudden adult death while playing sports in the local hall. Now we have so many young people playing sport and we don’t want this to happen again.

Sport is a huge part of being involved in a community and in Moneenroe we are lucky as we have a great community that loves being involved.

So the idea is simple, we intend to place defibrillator machines in the hubs of the community and give training to a selection of people on the use of the machines. We want to give the community confidence that we are equipped should the need arise in the future.

There is a high volume of sudden death and in a lot of cases a defibrillator can prevent fatalities.

Moneenroe community council have successfully fund raised for one defibrillator machine and training of members of the community. This defibrillator has been put in place at the local school, which is the centre location of our community, the machine has been positioned in an outside and accessible location and members of staff from the school and the community have been trained.

With the funding received from the KBC Bright Ideas Campaign and with some further fund raising it is proposed to purchase another machine and complete further training, the position of this new machine will be placed at the local hall, where many fitness classes take place and where an outside gym is located again this machine will be placed in an outside area and easily accessible 24/7.

Moneenroe Community Centre feel a defibrillator and a trained group of people, could give the community a sense of security. For a community that has been rocked by sudden death, this we hope will give it back it’s confidence.