This is Joe Brennan’s bright idea for Kilkenny.

To install a wheelchair accessible roundabout as part of our community playground.


Clogh/Moneenroe Community Playground is an exciting new project for the young and young at heart in our community.

It aims to encourage community interaction, promote health and wellbeing and most of all to create a readily accessible outdoor space where we can all have fun.

The Community Playground will be co-located within the existing Community Field and Walking Track in Chatsworth, Clogh. Thus providing an accessible recreational space for all our community.

Families with children of varying ages will particularly benefit as they will be able to access ‘field sports, walking / running and play ‘all at one location.

The addition of a wheelchair roundabout will copper fasten our plans to provide a play space that is accessible to children of all abilities.

The proposed Community Playground could be described as almost ‘shovel ready’ as it already has the benefit of Planning Permission, which is due to expire in early 2018.

In addition, this year Clogh Community Council will have successfully completed their funding of the walking track, enabling them to turn their focus to the provision of a playground.