This is Guy Jones’ bright idea for Kilkenny.

Developing a syllabus to include Taekwondo in Primary and secondary PE programs.


Our Taekwondo Institute based in Kilkenny is already providing education for Instructors and is privileged to have support from the founding school of Taekwondo with 73 years of teaching experience. 

Extending the benefits to community and society is an aspiration and an aim. Country wide, we already have a long list of qualified Instructors who have been certified to carry on teaching Taekwondo at their respective Club level.

We need funds to develop a National Curriculum and qualify Instructors to deliver structured courses as part of PE. And to qualify a selected few in coaching Para Taekwondo.

The benefits sought justify the efforts exerted. Some Education institutions have already implemented Taekwondo in their PE curriculum and the results are outstanding.

The program is inclusive and shall reach out to students with disabilities