This is Zef Klinkenbergh’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

We are changing our focus to deliver more environmental education and environmental awareness.


Our team of volunteers manage an 80 acre scout campsite on the shores of Lough Dan in Wicklow.

Open all year round we get almost 20,000 visitors a year camping or staying in our hostel and who participate in door activities. We are changing the emphasis of what we do and are turning the centre into an Eco-Park where sustainable management & environmental education go hand in hand with traditional scout activities. As part of this change we are planting a 20 acre Native woodland.

  • We have management plans for all of the habitats on site.
  • We have deer fenced areas of mature woodland for use as ecology study areas.
  • We protect and enhance wildlife, put up bird and bat boxes.
  • We participate in the PURE MILE project to protect hedgerows.
  • We have removed all outdoor lighting to create a dark sky reserve and we are setting up an environmental education base modelled on Charles Darwin’s cabin on HMS Beagle where we intend to run environmental education workshops & activities. 

While contact with nature is only one component in a young person developing an eco-strategy at Lough Dan we believe there is a link between contact with nature and becoming environmentally aware.

Lough Dan Scout Centre