This is Tracy Minnock’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Solar lighting for cross country / walking path which will make it useable all year round.


Apart from our grass track and 110m tartan strip we have a cross country (stone) track which we use for our juvenile, fit4youth (teenage casual runners), fit4life (adult casual runners) and senior groups casual walkers also use this track to keep fit while their children are training.

This part of our grounds does not have lighting so we can only use it in the summer. Solar lighting is our best option as not only is it cost efficient it is also far better for the environment.

Our facilities are not only used by our members but by the following groups free of charge – NKETS Primary School, Celbridge Community School, Celbridge Condors Special Olympics Club and Celbridge Community Games.

By having adequate lighting, we can make use of all our facilities and as a result we can encourage more casual runners into the club and offer them an alternative to running on the roads. By using this track we can avoid overcrowding and as a result we can advertise for more members.

With 2016 being an Olympic year, the main goal of Celbridge AC is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to try out running and athletics in general and this is best achieved by improving our facilities.

3 solar lights will be purchased and installed on the track if funding was successful. We would install them as soon as was practically possible in order to ensure that they were in situ before the dark evenings come upon us again.

If we were to win a prize we would use it to purchase solar lights and if we were lucky enough to be awarded an additional prize we would increase the number of solar lights at the track.

By making this cross country track usable all year round we believe that we can increase our Fit4Life and Fit4Youth groups both of which are walking & running groups for people who want to improve their health related quality of life and take part in community based 5km & 10km road races. Running not only benefits physical health but also mental health.

By coming to the track runners, joggers and walkers will benefit from a safe environment where they can receive guidance and advice from fully qualified coaches. Those using our track are also fully insured and benefit from not only training advice but also injury prevention and treatment which they will not get when running on the roads.

As detailed earlier, a number of schools and other community groups use our facilities also and improved facilities will also benefit them.