This is Tracy Minnock’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Bringing athletic competition to local primary schools in 2018.


As the schools in Kildare can no longer attend Cumann na MBunscoil Santry Sports due to the large numbers of Dublin Schools attending, we at Celbridge Athletic Club would like to host an annual athletics competition. 

We held a small but very successful competition this year and with the help of KBC we could make it a bigger and better annual event. A larger competition would help to promote athletics and sport in general among young children.

We would host an athletics competition for 3rd – 6th class primary schools and would invite all primary schools in the North Kildare area to attend. We would hope to purchase medals and perpetual trophies with any funding received.

Cumann na mBunscoil athletics competition in Santry was a highly anticipated event on the school calendar. In 2016 it was decided that Kildare Schools could no longer attend due to the large volume of athletes in Dublin Schools. This caused huge disappointment among teachers and children.

We at Celbridge AC hurriedly arranged a small competition which was very successful however we would like to make it bigger and better in 2018 and beyond.