This is Naas CBS’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

To help Naas CBS to become the first school in Ireland to have its own apiary (bee farm).


We have spent almost €1,200 on hives, equipment, suits, fencing, safety measures, and training and education for five students and two teachers.

We in Naas CBS now have two hives. We need two more hives and four more suits. This will allow us to increase the capacity of the Apiary to produce honey and our capacity to train and demonstrate to students who are taking the bee keeping course.

Once we have at least 4 hives and at least 6 suits we can accommodate 20 students training with us in our Apiary. We also need to invest in a secure storage shed.

This project is for the community. We will help educate and train students from our school and other neighbouring schools. Our bees in our apiary will have a massive positive influence on the local environment by pollinating around the urban area.

Already this project has planted vines, fruit trees and dozens of flowers and shrubs all around the school and its fields to help sustain the bees.

This project is not for profit but an estimated €400 a year will be made in profits and donated to local charities.

We will have open days when kids and adults can come and inspect our Apiary and see how a hive works. We already are the first and as yet only school in Ireland with and Apiary and a bee keeping programme.

Now we want to go forward with this project and give to the community in education and enjoyment of bee keeping.