This is Ted Murray’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Bringing three existing projects together to create a skill-share forum.


In 2016 we propose to engage our Coders and Youth with the members of the Craft and Shed in a regular exchange of skillsets, e,g. using the functions of the modern phones in exchange for craft like knitting to wood-turning.

Trial runs have indicated a strong demand for card games like 25 and Whist!

We in Clane Project Centre have also engaged with second level schools in the area and have had business studies students on site to meet entrepreneurs in our Enterprise Centre to get a hands-on experience of starting and running enterprises in today’s world.

This mix of engaging young and old, novice and experience promises to yield great relationships and provide a closing of the generation gap.

Can you imagine the ability to skype in the hands of a seventy/eighty year old person who has grandchildren in Australia or the ability to text to someone who has a mobile phone but is limited in its use?

6% of the population of Clane are non-national. 6% are over 65. (2011 Census) The need for social inclusion is greater than ever. This project will bridge all these gaps.