This is steven fahy’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

"Fun, Food ,Fit" is a program targetting young people who do not normally engage in active sports.


Athy Youth Project has experience in running healthy eating programs independently.

We in Athy Youth Project also use outdoor education as a tool for development with all groups. The project works with many groups who identify a need for activity, better eating habits or to try a different activity or sport, and we luckily can facilitate a tailored program to their needs with them.

The project and cafe has the facilities and experience to deliver healthy eating programs. Also it has staff qualified and experienced in delivering outdoor activities such as Kayaking, Mountain biking, hillwalking and Skateboarding.

We have some of the equipment required for these activities along with transport and required administration support.

Fun, Food and Fit is a programme that focuses on activities that are non-competitive and fun coupled with alternate healthy eating sessions which happen both outdoors and in the kitchen.

The program will run from Early July 2017 to the end of August 2017 and will engage over 60 young people from all backgrounds.However we will endeavour to engage young people who have not previously engaged in sports.

Participants will learn have a fun and educational introduction to exercise and healthy eating. The link between the two will be demonstrated through experiential learning. They will evaluate the impact of the healthy diet on their activities and draw their own conclusions.

The activities are designed to enable all young people to challenge themselves and learn more about themselves and their abilities. The activities are focused on the accomplishment of participation and they are not competitive so young people can focus on their development within the challenge and not against each other.