This is Roseann Foley’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

I would like to use funding to update school playground markings and paint mural on local school.


Our idea is to upgrade Mulhussey school playground basketball court markings and other games/educational markings.

Get new basketball hoops and paint mural on school shelter. This would transform school playground for local young children into a more enjoyable space to play. I would envisage that the children would have some element of input into the design of mural and would participate in the completion of the mural with the aid of their teachers/parents/artists.

Mulhussey school is a small 3 teacher school in Co. Meath.

Due to cuts in funding in recent years the school playground has not been touched in many years. This project would help brighten up the school and make the playground area a more enjoyable space for the children to spend their break-time.

The families who attend the school would be very appreciative of the chance to share in this funding.