This is Richard Webb’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Bray community planting food crops in public spaces to share


Putting local grown food at the heart of the community and learning environment to encourage sustainability in Bray and Co. Wicklow.

We will do this through:

  • Encouraging communities to grow healthy local food for everyone in public and vacant spaces.
  • Bringing communities together to share the knowledge of producing local food.
  • Encouraging school gardens so children can learn about and produce their own food
  • Reducing health inequalities by making healthy food crops available to anyone
  • Enhancing the environment of Bray by bringing publicly owned sites and vacant land into production
  • Empowering local groups to improve their surroundings
  • Providing an example to other communities in Wicklow in producing local foods

Edible Bray is a joint project between Common Ground and Bray Grow It Yourself (GIY) in association with Bray Tidy Towns and Headlands Community Garden. To date we have planted six sites in Bray, the largest being Albert Walk (65m2) and we provided 50 apple trees to 19 schools in Bray.

We aim to link with the Bray Institute of Further Education Horticulture Course especially in terms of work experience training. Community gardening training is also available through the 0. We will encourage the further development of school gardens in Bray and surrounding areas.

Having initiated the Edible Bray concept in 2016 on a pilot basis, with further funding we can expand the programme in other communities in Bray and l link with other groups in the county to build capacity in local food production.

As well as community groups, this will include local businesses. Together we can redefine our local economies, invest in local jobs and enrich our neighbourhoods.