This is Pádraig Walsh’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

All About Dis' (Disability) is a series of podcasts on the subject of dis-Ability in Irish society.


All About Dis’ is a podcast series (All About Dis’ on Soundcloud and iTunes), website and social movement that looks at issues relevant to people with disabilities in Ireland in 2017.

In the initial series of 10 podcasts, we interview parents of people with disabilities, people with disabilities who have flourished in their vocations, politicians and policy makers in Ireland as well as experts in the field of Special Education, Psychology and Psychiatry to inform, inspire and sometimes challenge current thinking on disability.

We meet with story-tellers and we want All About Dis’ to be a platform for these stories to be told. As a group of people who work with people with disabilities we know that the best way to understand a person is to listen to them and their story.

We hope that the medium of podcast will be accessible to everyone, from the person with disability who wants to learn about an issue, to a parent who has recently has discovered that their child has a diagnosis and is looking to learn from others who have been through that process before.

We also hope that these podcasts will prompt social justice discussion about disability’s place in a diverse, open society.