This is Maureen Culleton’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Further develop the Sing for Joy choir which supports 40 people with mental health difficulties.


Sing for Joy was established in February 2014 with a small number of members.

Demand has grown rapidly. Regardless of ability, everyone is welcome and treated equally and the choir provides members with an opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts and worries in a relaxed, inclusive environment of trust and joy.

The choir is an excellent example of community integration, acceptance and appreciation.

Sing for Joy is a diverse community choir which encourages, reassures and integrates people with disabilities into the wider community in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Choir members and musicians include family members and paid and home carers.

The choir meets weekly in a community centre and has been invited to perform in various locations in Co Laois . The choir has attracted local print media, radio and television coverage.