This is Lindsay Harrison’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

To have an IT assessment package for children who need another way to speak.


At Enable Ireland Wicklow Services we would like to purchase a package of equipment suitable for children who may need an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) device.

This pack includes hardware (iPads) and software (specific apps) that are suitable to be used with children who require AAC (another way to speak).

This pack supports assessment with these children and helps the speech and language therapist decide which software is most suitable to help the child communicate.

It includes training from specialists in the area which will up-skill the therapist to work with these children and best support their communication needs.

It will be used with a range of children in the service who have difficulty with speaking; the use of the AAC device will supplement their communication skills and allow them a voice they would not have without the device.

Many children within our service have a lot to say but do not have the ‘voice’ to get their message across. This has huge implications for their self-esteem and independence. They can often become withdrawn or have behaviours that challenge due to frustration.

It is heart-breaking for their parents to not be able to understand what their child is trying to say to them. By having an appropriate assessment kit, we can identify the tools for the particular child to speak with others and share their message.