This is Karen Leigh’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Accessible and Affordable Early Intervention for Children with Additional Needs.


We deliver an innovative solution by bridging the gap between public and private service by delivering  accessible and affordable early intervention services to children of all abilities, including those with additional needs. 

Sensational Kids services include speech & language therapy, occupational therapy and play therapy to help children with additional needs to reach their potential.

Every year we save families over €100,000 in speech & language therapy fees.

To date over 4,000 children have benefited from our affordable and accessible services for children of all abilities. Funding will contribute to helping us reach our goal of delivering our services to 700 children with additional needs this year.

Sensational Kids is a high impact, innovative and award winning charity that works to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of children of all abilities, particularly those with special needs.

Your support will enable us to make a positive impact to children with additional needs in our community.