This is Jack Hennigan.’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

To modernise our club an electronic scoreboard would present an attractive and modern image.


Our gaelic football and camogie clubs endeavour to present our games at their best.

We in Kill Straffan GAA invest wholesomely in coaches and in keeping training sessions fresh and alluring and our games inclusive. Our mission is to engage young people in sport and develop in them healthy and beneficial lifestyles. In a growing community we are aware that indolence in young people builds future personal and community problems.

However (our) games are not every young persons “cup of tea” and we need to find other engagements and responsibilities for these. Engagement, under supervision, in technology/electronics can retain involvement and positively involve in community. Overall an electronic scoreboard will occasion pride in our immediate and wider community.

We are undertaking a grounds and clubhouse development. However, our budget caters for basic requirements. An electronic scoreboard is outside our fiscal store at this time.