This is Eilis Reumkens’ bright idea for Greater Leinster.

We are the youngest group of 23rd Kildare Scout Group. We want to buy 2 tents of our own.


We would love to have our very own brand new tents for our first camp out of the year when we return in September.

We are 29 children both boys and girls and 7 leaders. We run under the larger umbrella of Kildare 23rd Scouts which also includes a full troop of Cubs, Scouts and Ventures.  We have a waiting list of children waiting (hoping) to get in next year although at the moment we cannot take them all.

We share everything from equipment to dens and even leaders sometimes. We plan our meetings and weekend activities outside as much as possible.

At least twice a year we camp out and sometimes when we all camp together we (the Beavers) don’t have our own tents and so have to borrow from other troops.

Sallins is a thriving village and growing all the time but still lacking in many amenities especially for children. Our chief leader has been in talks for numerous years now with a local builder and has finally received an agreement that he will build us our own Scout den.

At the moment we hold our meetings either in the local primary school or on the banks of the canal. Already the fundraising has started to kit this out, from table quizzes to bake sales.

When this is finally built we will have our own Den with more storage and so will be able to continue to build up groups , our equipment and our support within the community.