This is Brian Murnane’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Provide equipment & involve those in the community not familiar with hurling in a safe environment.


We will maximise the numbers playing and participating by inviting all that are interested to attend the event in this community thereby linking different areas of Naas to each other.

Whilst the sport of hurling is promoted at these events, families use the occasion to have picnics together with other families or relatives. Our continued development over the last three years has allowed us to also include children who are vacating or exchange students in Naas. 

Our children will have memories to treasure of these evenings.

Our GOAL is an Inclusive Community Event. By purchasing and having ownership of the 5 sets of goals posts means that we can expand the number of evenings that we deliver into our communities. Having access to sufficient numbers of equipment means that no child will have to wait their turn to play as happens at present.

We will go to the different areas in our community with mentors who are approved by the vetting processes of GAA and have mentored for Naas GAA. We won’t have to wait 12 months to see the impact of the funding. It will be seen in the first week of our 2017 hurling on the green.