This is Anne Rorke’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

HomeLink enables older people to remain living in their own homes by providing support services.


HomeLink provides support services, which enable older people to remain living independently in their own homes.

There are 800 members who avail of telephone contact, social events, small repairs and gardening services in South County Dublin and North County Wicklow.

HomeLink is a charity, which provides daily telephone calls and support services to its members to ensure they feel less isolated, lonely and remain in contact with other people.

The call centre contacts members and administers the requests for: home maintenance, security features and gardening. HomeLink’s members could not afford to pay external people to carry out repairs and gardening services.

Older people are afraid of allowing strangers access to their home.

Regular social events are organised to help members remain in contact with their neighbours, friends and communities.

HomeLink responds to an ever increasing demand from existing and new members for its services, which ensure they feel happier and can cope better in their own homes.