This is Ann Moran’s bright idea for Greater Leinster.

Cultivate a service & community, echo-friendly, wheelchair meadow, promoting calm and wellness.


Our bright ideas project at RehabCare Dunboyne aims to promote confidence and social inclusion through our therapeutic wild & vegetable meadow.

The art of gardening has been internationally held as a pivotal part of occupational therapy, while inspiring social interaction, we use several signposts to highlight our project.

COLOUR: one aim of this project is to lift people’s mood. The meadow will have a bright & colourful backdrop. Gardening promotes wellness and calm & is visually relaxing on the senses.

POSITIVITY: the project, promotes positivity within the locality, while watching seeds transform into colourful blossoms.

CHILL OUT: during the summer, the meadow will be a carpet of colour, a vegetable plot supplying food. Some people will sit amongst the flowers while others will simply listen to the sound of water, cascading from the water feature.

People sitting, chatting amongst themselves, watching the world go by, time to forget about their troubles. The more they garden the better they feel.

The following will be done to achieve our garden:

  • Erect a bamboo cane, around the parameter for privacy.
  • Create a see based flower and vegetable beds, accessible for wheelchair users.
  • A rotary plough will be used to prepare soil for meadow.
  • A cobble lock patio measuring 75 square metres will be laid.
  • A water feature theme sourced from the River Liffey, which is ideally located behind our building.
  • Plants shrubs etc will be bought at wholesale prices to reduce costs.
  • Our own hand crafted bench will add the final decoration.

DISPELLING THE MYTH BEHIND DISABILITY: clients involved will be able to show case their achievements with the making of the benches, raised beds, cultivating from seed the meadow, erection of water feature. Education will be a pivotal part of this by inviting in the locality into our hub, and simply enjoying the meadow and it’s many attributes.

GARDENING AS A THERAPEUTIC TOOL TO ENHANCE MENTAL HEALTH: our evergreen theme will inspire hope and by doing so will enhance wellness and contentment.

IT’S EVERGREEN ECHO FRIENDLY CONCEPT: echo friendly and social inclusion are at the forefront of this project, which will have wider positive outcomes for all.