Tribesmen Rowing Club’s Bright Idea for Galway was a 2014 winner.

Their idea was to buy special lighter oars and a bespoke trolley to launch a boat enabling breast cancer survivors learning how to row, to do so independently.


Simple, solid and sweet! 2014’s winning bright idea from the lads in Galway was also extremely cost effective, environmentally friendly and turned one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

The idea was very creative and extremely popular from the second the judges read it and it really captured people’s imaginations when it went to the online vote.



The Tribesmen Rowing Club project ‘Rowing to Recovery’ received €3,500 from KBC’s inaugural Bright Ideas fund in 2014.

Their idea was to help women recovering from breast cancer to regain strength in their upper body through specially adapted rowing techniques.

A year on, the funding has helped to grow and develop their unique programme, the only one of its kind in the West of Ireland.


Being able to purchase lighter oars with the funding means that the women drag less water when rowing and can focus their technique on the upper body, which is more beneficial for women who have had mastectomies.

The club has also used some of the funding towards the cost of a new boat which has enabled ‘Rowing to Recovery’ to increase the number of women participating in their scheme.

Thrilled with how the funding has helped the project to grow, Robin Winkels’ advice for those applying this year is to present your idea with passion and creativity, stating that “

“If it’s an idea that you believe in, don’t be afraid to put it forward as KBC is looking for ideas outside the box.
Robin Winkels,  Tribesmen Rowing Club


The ‘Rowing to Recovery’ team will take part in their first official race in the coming weeks, which they are delighted about.

The club already plans to purchase another boat soon to accommodate their ever-growing waiting list and says that they couldn’t have reached this point without the springboard that KBC’s Bright Ideas funding provided.