This is Siri Rosendahl’s bright idea for Galway.

Cooking skills workshops for young adults in Galway to inspire healthy living and reduce food waste.


My Bright idea is to create free (or affordable) workshops to teach 18-25-year-olds basic cooking skills in the hopes to bring back the idea that eating healthy is simple; it is about eating real foods, not processed ones.

My pilot workshops will work with first-years at NUI Galway during Freshers week in their new apartments to teach them a few simple, affordable, and nutritious recipes, as well as provide ongoing resources on budgeting for fresh foods, eating locally and in season, and reducing food waste.

Many young adults are not confident in their ability to cook, uncomfortable shopping for fresh produce, and fear the time and cost of cooking from scratch.

I see food as being at a unique intersection between discussions of physical health, mental health, community, family, and the environment. While our communities and society see so much progress and innovation, in terms of food we are increasingly outsourcing cooking to corporations and, in turn, losing more knowledge and skills each generation. In 2006-2016 there was a huge push for community food initiatives through the combined efforts of the HSE, safefood, and the Department of Social Protection.

In the design of my project I am utilizing the tools and legacy documents they have left behind from their combined experience and effort, along with the research I am producing in order to complete my Master’s dissertation for my anticipated degree in Public Advocacy and Activism.

Between the knowledge I have learned through this extensive research process, and the support I am receiving as a member of the 2017 Suas Ideas Collective, I am confident that I will be off the ground quickly and sustainable into the future.