This is Siobhan Ryan’s bright idea for Galway.

Reconnect children with nature so they can learn, play and grow in a technology-free zone.


Nature is vital to children’s emotional social spiritual and physical development.

Children are able to have better social relations, are healthier and happier when they have regular play in the outdoors. The outdoor experience improves self-discipline and reduces stress.


The overall results are children that will grow into social self-disciplined adults. The immediate result is that the children will encourage the adults to reconnect with nature which will lead to a stronger dynamic and united community.

Inishbofin-Beach-ProjectBeginning in July 2016 each week the children will be taken to one of our 4 beaches (two of which have the Green Coast Award). For a period of two hours the children will build sandcastles, rock pool fishing for shrimp, collect driftwood and seashells, and learn a little about the seagulls and the arctic tern.

Shore-flora-and-faunaThe adventure complete, the children will have a picnic which will have wholesome nutritious food – sugar free & low in calories.

The money will go towards picnic baskets, picnic ware, tablecloths, beach blankets and small shrimp nets.

Not only will this project assist in connecting children to nature in a disconnected world but will develop environment-friendly, savvy children who are future generation that will care about environmental sustainability. Small projects bring small changes which in turn bring small big changes to the community.