This is Siobhan Ryan’s bright idea for Galway.

Littlefreelibrary strategically placed for easy access in 6 locations on the island of Inishbofin.


Due to the remoteness experienced by some in our community the libraries will also include copies of Regional and Sunday National Papers.

The priority of the project is for the islanders but will also accommodate the tourist during the summer season. As well as providing a service to the people this project is also Eco-friendly as the books are being recycled and used.

The first Littlefreelibrary is under construction. The books are already on the premises. During the next few months we envisage placing six more around the island. Because of climatic conditions (salt & wind) we have to ensure that the Littlefreelibraries will stand the test of time.

Therefore the Littlefreelibraries must be very sturdy to withstand the wind and extra coats of primer & sealers to prevent salt erosion.

While this is not a novel idea on mainland Ireland but here on the island this bright idea will have a positive social impact especially for the active age population. It will allow regular access to books and newspapers for people on the island.

For the entire community it will encourage reading and there will be a certain amount of social interaction.