This is Siobhan Arkins’s bright idea for Galway.

To record the stories and folklore of the travelling community in Ballybane, Galway.


Working with local representatives from the travelling community, the songs, stories and superstitions of traveller culture will be recorded orally and in written format.

An experienced researcher will assist staff in Ballybane Library over a 6-8 month period to  gather and collate the material. The aim of the project is to produce a book and DVD/CD which will share the rich heritage of the travelling community.

Weekly workshops will be held in Ballybane Library where local travellers will share stories and memories from their youth. The workshops will be informal and relaxed and may feature intergenerational discussions. The ancient traveller languages will be discussed and phrases will be transcribed.

Ballybane Library provides a public library service to the communities of Ballybane, Mervue, Renmore, Doughiska and Roscam. Library staff work closely with community groups and run literacy programmes including a very successful summer reading challenge.

The library has been open since 2006 and is a focus point and meeting area for local residents. The library has a proven track record of running many community initiatives.