This is Sharon Meehan’s bright idea for Galway.

To create a space where 13 - 18 year old with physical disabilities can learn everyday life skills.


Our community in Galway is directly made up of 600 inspirational and courageous children with physical, sensory and developmental difficulties between the ages of 6 months and 18 years.

We offer support services to these children and their families through therapies, home and school supports, transport, assistive technology and our Rainbow Preschool.

We are very aware that when children attending Enable Ireland reach a certain age they begin to question themselves and their disability and wonder why they can’t just fit in like the other children in their class or their sisters and brothers.

They wonder if they will ever be able to live on their own, go on to attend university and get a job.

We are there to help these children attain their goals, however big or small they may be and try and give them the independence they are looking for when they reach their teenage years.

We have a space, we now just need to decorate and equip it with the necessary furniture, appliances and utensils. The most cost effective approach will be used to ensure value for money.

Our bright idea would also be used for one to one and group sessions with adolescents when meeting with our therapy team to just simply talk about their progress and how they are feeling and if they have any worries or questions, as well as for meeting with families to talk with them about their child’s care plan.

We will make sure this space is never idle and always utilised.