This is Lisa Naughton’s bright idea for Galway.

To encourage and educate young girls on healthy nutritional choices to benefit sporting achievements


Correct nutritional choices provide a source of energy required to perform the activity.

The food we eat impacts on our strength, training, performance and recovery abilities. Our bright idea is to encourage healthy nutritional choices amongst our young female supporters and also within schools and soccer clubs throughout the community. We also want to improve activity rates amongst these groups by providing workshops with a strength & conditioning coach.

  • We will produce leaflets which will be distributed within schools and to local soccer clubs outlining the key points in respect of the benefits to girls in sport of healthy eating and regular activity.
  • We will work with a nutritionist to produce healthy and enjoyable recipes geared towards young girls involved in sporting activity.
  • We will arrange for a Strength and Conditioning Coach to work with our target audience to advise them of appropriate exercise plans that can be incorporated into their training.

Our main aim is to educate young girls to make healthy food choices and to try and do this in an enjoyable and interesting way.

We also want to promote an increase in young girls levels of activity by encouraging them to play soccer.