This is Colette Flaherty’s bright idea for Galway.

Social & friendship club for special needs people which will include other groups in the community.


Educate community about the need for inclusion and how we all need to belong and have experiences to enrich lives of all.

Involve active retirement groups, transition years, youth groups, sporting clubs and ensure all people are known and respected equally in their community. As they say – It takes a village to raise a child.

We also hope to give talks to schools about our aims and goals and importance of Inclusion and how everyone can work together if given the opportunity.

Living with a son with Autism has a huge impact on all the family.

When my husband and I are dead and gone I want him to be as independent as possible and belong in his own community and have a circle of friends and have a sense of belonging we all deserve. Most communities are not inclusive and have no classes or activities that involves our people.