This is Carmel Geoghegan’s bright idea for Galway.

Bring meaning to dementia for communities, families and all those effected by a diagnosis.


Empower those who are living with a diagnosis to be more involved in their community by educating the community at large on:

  • The meaning of dementia.
  • What they can do to improve life for the person with the diagnosis who can still be a very active and contribute to their community.
  • Show how they can continue to work and live independently with a little understanding.


Help families, carers, medical professionals understand that a dementia diagnosis is not the end, it can open new opportunities for all.

  • Workshops will be organised in various locations for business owners/staff, community groups, active retirement groups, IFA members, County council elected representatives.
  • Schools will be targeted to hold information events.
  • An individual living with early onset Alzheimer’s and a former carer will co present to various groups and companies to help highlight that by making small changes life can be improved for all.


Piloting the establishment and management of a social enterprise, AG Networks which seeks to build awareness of Dementia and End of Life Care in Communities through facilitating and development of discussion/information workshops/health and wellbeing programmes

  • Facilitating individuals to remain independent in their own homes and giving support to primary carers and/or families to access respite.
  • Official designated facilitator for Elevator Training Programme DCU.
  • Delivery of support programmes to volunteers such as St Vincent de Paul, Active Retirement Groups, Leader and Partnership companies and Supervalu.
  • Devised and delivered ‘Cooking Healthy Meals on a Budget’ Programme to a range of communities and organisations including Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
  • Exploring the establishment of drop in centres with particular focus on supporting volunteers to address Dementia and social isolation in rural villages and towns.
  • Organised a conference ‘living with dementia in rural Ire’ 30/05/16 in partnership with NUI G with a follow up 29/05/17 which explored rural isolation and its impact on those living with dementia .