This is Caitriona Watters-Crehan’s bright idea for Galway.

Producing reality based visuals/video to help prepare people to use community services successfully.


For many children and adults with additional needs (intellectual disability, autism, communication impairment, adhd etc) and their supporters accessing services in the community can be stressful.

A ‘simple’ doctors visit may be daunting and traumatic if you are unsure of what to expect or of what is expected of you or if you have had a previous negative experience.

The typical way in which services present their provision is not explicit or visual enough for those with an additional need. Very often the person who accompanies them will have prepared themselves well but often the person who is expected to be most involved may be the least informed.

I have experienced this community deficit on both a professional and personal level and I have seen first hand how simple preparation that creates opportunity for a persons capacity to understand something be the difference between community inclusion or community isolation.

Prepare Me hopes to change that by connecting with service providers in the community and working alongside them to build visuals and video models that pertain to their service. This info will then be avail on our website and in each service in hard copy.

Users can build a personal picture story using our templates, access and print a typical picture story and watch a video model of the service in action. Visual schedules & first/then cards & any usual info/contacts about the service will also be made available to empower inclusion.