This is Adrienne Parsons’s bright idea for Galway.

A holiday let and art studio where are will be showcased to visitors.

None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)None (Business Idea)This idea is going to work. End of.I want to buy a property which I have already sourced. I want to convert the outbuilding into an art studio and also a holiday let. It’s located in Co Mayo, on the Wild Atlantic Way and that particular tourist destination has really caught on and is only going to go from strength to strength. I am a practicing artist and I need the funding in order to realise my dream. Providing self catering accommodation in the most scenic of areas and also an adjoining art studio where I can work and showcase my art. I also want to run classes for tourists and locals alike but mainly catering to the growing tourist trade. I live in Connemara and can see the growth year on year in tourism and especially since the Wild Atlantic Way was launched. I think it’s still only in the beginning stages and there’s lots of potential to be accessed. Please consider me for this award.I will be contributing to society by providing accommodation in the area, Pontoon, to be exact. If and when the combination of holiday let and art studio takes off there is massive potential to expand the business by extending the art studio to incorporate other units and rent them to other artists. Or, by expanding, to run art focused holidays both for foreign and domestic tourism. Thus contributing financially to the surrounding areas by attracting people to the area. Art also has other benefits of getting people together, sharing ideas and knowledge, there’s lots of scope for many things.1. It’s original
2. It’s a great idea/concept
3. I’ll make it workAs outlined previously, I think art has lots of benefits, in terms of sharing ideas etc. I’m involved in an art group in Oughterard and it has helped me enormously to give me ideas in my own work. So between the tourism side by building a holiday let and the art studio adjoining it I think it would create a great fusion plus it’s an idyllic part of the country and ideal for my plans.AP ARTAdrienneParsons6Village CourtRoundstone8rienne70@gmail.com0862260605I am a practising artist. I am currently involved with the Oughterarts group in Oughterard and. I am not currently in business but I don’t think this should preclude me from entering this competition.I am not working with others but have no problem bringing people on board at a later date if the business takes off and I have to expand. That would be a plus for me.101