This is Lorraine Keegan’s bright idea for Dublin.

Provide a basic cookery course for people with intellectual disabilities to become more independent.


Dundrum Arch Club is looking for funding to provide a Cookery Course for 20 of our members.

A number of our members in Dundrum Arch Club are working towards living independently and require basic lifestyle skills such as cooking. Many live at home with ageing parents and therefore with funding from KBC bright ideas would benefit from a cookery course.

This is a lifelong opportunity for all our members who will really benefit long term from this course before extending this to more members in time. It will give them the confidence to become more self-sufficient and more involved in the community during cake sales, local markets and community events.


The grant will cover the cost of a 6 week cookery course in a recognised school with a qualified chef as their instructor. We also hope to provide a small start-up kit to take home and include some basic cooking accessories such as apron, cooking utensils, baking materials, cookbook and tupperware.

Our goal is that his project will be a pilot with plans to roll out to the wider community through all other 50 Arch Clubs in Ireland. The I Can series will also include in time I can sew / paint / type / sign.

Our objective is to train as many members as possible over a 6 week period.

Each member will attend 2 classes and learn how to cook 1 meal and 1 baking option. 10 members will attend each class for a 2 week period which means we reach out to 30 members in total over the 6 week period.


Without funding from KBC Bright Ideas our project wouldn’t be taking place.  We have tried to fund this project for some time and haven’t been successful. The members who will benefit from this fund are either living at home or in an independently environment and the difference this funding will make to our members lives and their families is huge. Without this funding they wouldn’t be learning how to cook and we want to hear them say with confidence We Can Cook!

Our club offers such an amazing outlet for families in our community. Without our club many of our members wouldn’t have any social life.

We focus on enriching our members’ lives and helping them develop their self-esteem and quality of life through a dynamic range of activities.