This is Emer Morrissey’s bright idea for Dublin.

Our idea is to provide a 'making Home' pack for people who are moving out of Homelessness.


Moving into your own home from homelessness can be a stressful and expensive time and often people don’t have basic items such as bedding, pots and pans, home furnishings.

Making Home Packs will provide people with the basic items to make their new place a home. Moving can also be expensive with bills and deposits to be paid.

We aim to make the transition into their new community as easy as possible by providing people with a pack of the basics; Duvet, bed sheets, pots and pans and a 1st weeks shopping.


CLAN work to support people moving into their new home to link in with supports in the community, we have seen how difficult it is for people to make the move from homeless accommodation, especially if they have been homeless for over 6 months.

By providing them with the basics we will be helping make the move easier and helping create the link with CLAN so we can continue to support them.

CLAN works to support people who are moving on from homeless into their own home.


We work with Crosscare‘s homeless services and our aim is to support people through the transition from homelessness and to help them to link in with their new community.

This work is done through 1-1 peer mentoring provided by Peer volunteers who have personal experience of homelessness, or other social services.