This is Dodder Action’s bright idea for Dublin.

We want to build nature, history & heritage trails along the Dodder River and tributaries.


The Dodder River is a 25km long river descending almost 700m from the Wicklow Mountains through Dublin City and into the Irish Sea.

It is largely undiscovered and many facts and stories about it are unknown, for example it used to have over 40 mills on it, making it for a time the most heavily industrialised part of Ireland. It is also the most species diverse river flowing through a capital city in Europe with Otters, Badgers, Kingfishers, Herons, Ducks, Brown Trout and Salmon amongst its residents.

Dodder Action is a voluntary group dedicated to cleaning the river and improving it as an amenity. We wish to include a number of guided walks along the river focusing on nature, history and heritage.

They will be aimed at all age groups; scavenger and treasure trails for kids, tree trails including Brehon Tree trails, animal tracking guides, flora and fauna identification trails, through to heritage and history for school goers and adults.

We would hope to increase awareness and knowledge of the diversity of the river on an ecological and social level and make it an educational as well as a recreational tool.